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WIR Founder
Hassan Mohamad

Hassan Bin Mohamad

WIR business registration number is 001563889-X and holding by bumiputra. WIR started on 20th July 2005 and been operate aggressively in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. A variety of contract work has been performed and executed successfully. For instances, landscaped in Putrajaya and Selangor, iron works in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, iron work, plumbing, home renovations in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur and the construction work in Perlis. Together also, the collaboration with JKR has make the WIR more matured in business strategies nowadyas. Because, WIR is a sole proprietorship, the work of the management and administration of self-managed by the owners WIR while aided by his beloved family members. However, WIR has employees who are capable, competent and skilled in all areas of work related to this business. Moreover, the WIR also have a 3-acre nursery, located near the business office WIR.
He started his career at the young age where he gained valuable experience more than 25 years in business, agriculture, maintenance, contracting, landscaping and civil works. He subsequently built the company from his modest passion towards business fields accomply with his sheer determination and keen enthusiasm to make all WIR projects is successfully executed. Under his leadership, the company grew from strength to strength and spread its business within West Malaysia. Currently, he holds a Fellow Member position with Selangor State Association of Malaysia and is a President of Persatuan Penjaja dan Peniaga Kecil Melayu (PPPKM) Rawang.
1. Design works and Landscaping WIR undertake work planting flowers and landscaping decoration and also supplying trees and palms to customers who are interested in.
2. Agency Work WIR provide services for foreign workers to obtain work permits and also provide services to the employees of factories that require foreign labor.
3. Building Construction and Iron Works Grill WIR can carry out contract work such as home renovation, construction of drains, pipes and steel works. Moreover, WIR also can build house gates and windows; according to customer needs.
4. Cleaning Work Area WIR provide cleaning facilities services around the shopping complex, housing area, recreation park and expressways are also available.

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